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Happy 2019 ☺️

As Q1 of 2019 has come to a close, it’s royally late and about time to wish u all a happy and productive 2019 and to tell u a little bit about what we’ve done recently and what our plans are for the rest of 2019.

🍟 Video Snackbar is now a VRT initiative in its own right 🤟

We started out in 2017 as a VRT Sandbox project, helping out the web videomakers and live streamers at VRT. Due to our growth and the many projects and collaborations in 2018, our management decided to spin the Video Snackbar out of VRT Sandbox.

The Sandbox story (matchmaking between startups and VRT’s tv/radio/online people) and the Video Snackbar story (supporting online content creators) simply became too much to explain in one elevator pitch.

We are obviously still part of the same tribe so we will keep on collaborating in 2019 on different projects, eg: the Solar Challenge 2019 and a successor to the award-winning LiveIP project (2015 - 2016).

You can watch a showreel of what we have been doing last year.

👩‍💻 Video Snackbar has a new Team, a new office and a Fab Lab 🎉


Growing means new people to help us with pursuing our mission: Rani, Ittai, Klaas en Geert have joined Jelle, Leonid, Frank, and Karel in the Video Snackbar team.
Welcome to the team and good luck!

As we are growing, we also needed some more space.
That is why we are now located at 1F25 at VRT’s HQ in Brussels.
We share this room with a brand new digital-first initiative around the creation and curation of digital content on Arts and Culture.
That way we are even closer to our “clients” - in this case, a team of 6 energized and motivated digital natives going crazy on Arts and Culture content production.

We also started our own Fab Lab. This Fab Lab is located at 1B30, in an old control room for VRT’s children channel Ketnet. This room will become the home and an operating base for our more technical projects. More on that soon!

🎥 Here’s the Future of broadcast ☁️

Video Snackbar supports and brings together the online content creators: the snackable web videomakers, the podcasters, the vloggers, the live streamers and also the TV makers that want to use the web workflows and tools. On top of that, we are revamping our research on “Future Broadcast”.


With the award-winning LiveIP project, this “Future Broadcast” research is embedded in the DNA of VRT Sandbox and Video Snackbar.

This year we will focus on three main projects:

  1. TV factory in the cloud

  2. a PoC on next gen 2110 and virtualization of broadcast functions

  3. TV production studio 3.0

As we are setting up these 3 projects, we cannot really elaborate at his point. More info soon.

With that, once again: we wish u a happy new year, all the best and see you soon!

Karel De Bondt 👨🏻‍💻

Karel De Bondt